Real-Time Call Verification

The trust you need to proceed with a better customer experience

Our Benefits

Our technology instantly verifies phone numbers, delivering big results to your business

  • Save
    30 secs
    Handle Time
  • Save
    Per Call
  • Increase
    IVR Containment Rate
  • Customer Experience
    Customer Experience
    Higher CSAT + NPS
  • Enhanced IVR
    Enhanced IVR
    Expand Self Service options
  • Smart Call Routing
    Smart Call Routing
    Assign calls based on agent skills

Our Solution

VeriCall™ delivers a threat-level analysis on every phone call in 200 milliseconds immediately after answer. This instant reading allows your business to make authentication and routing decisions in real-time within your IVR.

Our Solution

Why We’re Different

Our team and our technology set us apart

  • Detect High Risk Calls
    Detect High Risk Calls
    Spoof Proof™ your call center
    Our Team
    Our Team
    Responsive, attentive, and authentic
  • Our Pricing
    Our Pricing
    Security costs shouldn’t be criminal
    75% Authentication
    75% Authentication
    Best rate in the industry
  • Flexibility
    Offline P.O.C. and live API integration
    200ms Response Time
    200ms Response Time
    Immediately after answer

Criminal Minds

Modern fraudsters are savvy and sophisticated. Learn tricks of the trade to understand how criminals are putting your business and your customers at risk.

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