Next Caller Welcomes Cas Hoefman to the Team

by Cas Hoefman
         In early 2014 I met Ian Roncoroni and Jeff Kirchick at ICMI in San Diego. After they introduced me to Next Caller and the services it provided I immediately saw the incredible potential this company had to make a real change in this industry that is crowded with archaic companies that have not innovated in years.
         I realized that Next Caller’s approach to the technical and financial aspects of their products were both innovative and disruptive in this market space and would drive a fundamental change to the way customers interact with company’s sales and service organizations.
        When Ian and Gianni approached me with the idea of joining their team I had absolutely no reservations, although leaving behind the team at Oracle, where I spent the last 7.5 years working with Oracle Service Cloud enterprise customers, was not easy.
         After just a short period on the job I must say that I am even more excited about the company now then I was when I first joined. We have an amazing team, amazing customers, and every time I speak with one of our current or potential customers about how we can help them make a difference for their customers, I get even more excited.
          Using my past experience at companies like Intel, XO Communications, RightNow Technologies and Oracle together with the four core services, Advanced Caller ID, Data Cleaning, Lead Validation and Fraud Detection Next Caller offers today will help us grow this company rapidly while we keep being innovative and disruptive in the industry.
         In following blog posts I will, in detail, describe how I think each of the different services is changing both our industry and can make an impact for the customers using these solutions!