Pindrop Acquires Next Caller

Today marks a significant milestone for the Next Caller team, our customers, and our broader community. We are delighted to share with you that, as of this morning, we have joined the global technology leader in identity, security, and trust for voice interactions, Pindrop Security, Inc.

We’ll continue to operate as Next Caller, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pindrop. Working in parallel with the Pindrop team will allow us to deliver unrivaled choice and flexibility to the marketplace – combining our agility with their depth of expertise – to bring you the most comprehensive suite of voice authentication, personalization, and verification solutions available today. Next Caller and Pindrop represent two of the most forward-thinking brands in our industry. Together, we will collaborate to propel the innovation delivered through our services and the impact those services have on your business. 

Whether you require a lightweight ANI validation service or full-stack, multi-factor authentication, we will be able to help you to accelerate better customer experiences, reduce the average time to serve, and mitigate security risks. 

The pandemic has enormously impacted voice technology growth, particularly those related to customer and contact center solutions. Consumers are increasingly moving to virtual brand interactions, which is placing an unprecedented strain on the customer experience and contact center teams–as well as the technologies they rely on. By combining our individual strengths under one collective banner, Pindrop and Next Caller can respond to and mitigate shifts in consumer behavior and security threats to help businesses navigate voice solutions without negatively impacting customer experience or the bottom line. 


Our existing customers will continue to benefit from the Next Caller support and products they’re already using. They will now also be able to layer in Pindrop products more easily. We can now offer a world-class product set with one of the fastest deployment timelines in the industry between our teams. All of this means that we can authenticate customers quicker and protect both businesses and consumers more comprehensively than ever before.