Clean and Append Data

Enhance your existing database

Every business has customer data, but no business has enough.
Whether you’re focusing on outbound sales efforts , considering new product offerings, or evaluating marketing strategies, customer data is the foundation of your project. Your ability to sell your products is directly related to how well you know and serve your customers. It’s important to know their names, where they live, how much money they make, how many children they have, and perhaps most importantly, how to contact them. So, when you want your business to grow, you need accurate, complete customer data, and you need as much of it as you can get.

Data Cleaning

Unfortunately, businesses have incomplete records

It’s easy to see why customer data is important, but it’s not always easy to gather it. Customers abandon calls before they reach an agent, create partial profiles on sign up forms, or simply change their personal information. But, just because they’ve abandoned a shopping cart or gotten frustrated waiting on hold doesn’t mean they aren’t great, potential customers. After all, they already know your brand, and they’ve already taken the time to contact you or browse your site; you just haven’t been able to contact them or follow up a sale because your records are incomplete. Businesses need a way to complete the millions of partial customer profiles they have. They need to do it quickly, and they need to do it affordably.

Fortunately, improving your database is simple

Next Caller® makes it easier than ever to access, store, and analyze customer data. We maintain the world’s largest database of customer information, including name, address, telephone number, email, DOB, household income, and over a dozen other valuable data points, and we allow businesses to append this data to their existing records. Have a list of phone numbers from old customers or abandoned calls? Have a list of email addresses from signup forms but no names associated with them? No problem at all.

You can append and approve your existing database in three easy steps:

Gather your customer data

Whether you have 100 incomplete records, or 100 million out-of-date records, just find the records you want to append. Gather whatever information you have on these records, whether it's telephone numbers, names and addresses, or email address.

Send us a .CSV file

Simply organize the records into a .CSV file, and email them to your dedicated representative. We’ll run those numbers through our database and send back a sheet full of rich, valuable customer data.

Use the data

Once you receive information, it’s yours to keep. Now, when your customers contact you via phone, email, or even web form, you’ll have a ton of valuable data to reference.

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