Validate and prioritize your leads

With the world’s largest database of customer profiles

Next Caller® allows businesses to instantly verify customer information submitted via web forms. And we don’t stop there; our API can be used to provide additional demographic data such as DOB, gender, income, and even links to your lead’s social media profiles. Validate and prioritize your leads with Next Caller.

Data Validation

Customer data is hard to gather

You want to gather as much customer data as possible, because your ability to sell your products is directly related to how well you know your customers. Businesses use web forms to capture customer data, but there are two problems with the industry-standard form that make it difficult to gather the data you want:

They’re too long

Users get distracted easily, and abandon forms with too many questions.

They’re not always reliable

People sign up for services with fake names, addresses, or telephone numbers. Some are just testing the site while others troll for additional coupons.

You want to separate the good leads from the bad, and focus your sales efforts on the best ones. You also want more customer data, but don’t want to discourage sign ups with too many questions. But how can you capture a lot of data without asking too many questions? Simply use Next Caller’s API to fill in the blanks.

Increase conversion with shorter forms

We allow you to access customer data without asking for it. We maintain the world’s largest database of customer information, including name, address, telephone number, email, DOB, household income, and over a dozen other valuable data points. By asking your customers just a minimal amount of questions, you can use our database to validate the information you have and append the information you want.

Here’s how it works:

Receive a lead

A customer enters their personal information into a web form and submits it to your business.

Validate the Lead

Your system sends a simple API request to our database with the customer information you just received. We will send back the information we have for that person, which you can cross-reference for accuracy.

Append the Lead

In addition to validating the information submitted, we provide additional customer insight that you did not gather, like gender, DOB, household income, home ownership status, etc.

Prioritize the Lead

This intelligence allows you to sort the good leads from the bad, and prioritize those that best fit your customer acquisition strategy.

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